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Program Officers and Staff

Weifeng Gu

Dr. Weifeng GU

Program Director & Graduate Advisor for Continuing Students 
Post-qualifying Exam
Associate Professor, Molecular Cell and Systems Biology (MCSB)

Tel: (951) 827-3600
Email: weifeng@ucr.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Bachant

Associate Program Director & Graduate Advisor for Continuing Students Pre-Qualifying Exam
Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Tel: (951) 827-6473
Fax: (951) 827-5517
Email: jeffrey.bachant@ucr.edu

Dr. Nicole Zur Nieden

Graduate Advisor for Admissions and Recruitment
Professor of Biology

Tel: (951) 827-3818
Email: nicole.zurnieden@ucr.edu

Julio Sosa

Mr. Julio Sosa

Graduate Student Services Advisor III

Tel: (951) 827-7378
Fax: (951) 827-5517
E-mail: julio.sosa@ucr.edu

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